Interesting to witness; human compete in healthy being instead of peeping into crystal ball.
Surely it is an easy act, latter than initial.

Long distance journey for family outing with GPS in place, smooth ride with dim background music and chai breaks on roadside joints, tour is more than perfect for destined trip and you had a wrong exit. Ignoring GPS alert or over confidence?

Ride got messy & bumpy, dark night without a street light on kaccha and on top, its start raining, you begin cursing yourself and screaming on your blunder, kids start crying, mahol changes drastically into horror, anyhow you got back on the highway with emotional, physical and financial wear-n-tear.

Do you think this is a movie script? It is not. This is a typical narrative of most in real life, it is an unsolved myth of human behavior of believing, nothing can happen to me till they face the fate of their ignorance with sympathetic question WHY ME?

Well-being reality relies on two key factors, Atomic composition balance for system’s stability check & Family Medical history to gauge future possibilities of gene pool storage risk. Combine information of these two aspect is individual’s Medical Data: A Biological Identity.

As a signatory of our Biological Identity we define & design our own living state, paying attention to our health is day-to-day task to live a dignified and meaningful life. Our inner strength is the only valuable asset we can count on and rests of the earning are social & emotional collection of mankind.

Living healthy is an inbuilt art which had faded with our material surrounding and of course ignorance; distinguish your needs & wants. Life is a lengthy journey with phases, make it interesting; avoid complication by adopting basics, eating well, exercise and adequate resting, it is normal to quick sleep once in awhile, stay on track, make a habit of playing with rules.

Good diet is an investment in wellbeing, stick to your balance home cooked food as much you can, make sure you eat all meal as your body fuel and add adequate consumption of dairy, fruits (fresh & dry) and good amount of water in your daily intake; quality intake is an expensive affair but far better than ill health last leg fix.

Sleeping is a battery charging, recollection of energy which you spend during the day; sound 7-8 hours sleep needed to explore new life every day.

Devote an hour to your sole out of 24 hours day – make it 5 days a week, just yourself - not even a gadget. Collect small fitness wardrobe, get motivated, visit park, gym, meditation, yoga, whatever is possible. Don’t do anything drastic, go with slow pace and build it up, can’t find time in morning do it in the evening; just make it happen it is something you should experience.

Vital part of Well-being is periodic check-up of our biological status along with chronic possibility & inheritance illness prevention. All of these can be defined by a personal Blood test, colonoscopies, stress tests, x-ray likewise. Many cases of serious disease exist and remain undiagnosed that seriously affect our quality of life. Many of these conditions can be corrected or improved through a simple course of treatment once they have been discovered by quick and inexpensive tests; stay out of trouble instead get out of trouble.

After test reports Doctor advice you what area of your health needs attention, what to add or avoid in your standard diet and prescribe you supplement if necessary. This wellness initiative will allow you to take control on personal fitness agenda. With periodic blood test you can compare your health status the way you check your financial statement and fix it if there is any issue.

Deleting bad vice and inviting positive action in your wellbeing campaign is a 21 day mental glitch. You might find it difficult initially, which really isn’t. Once you accept your health regime, it is quite an experience, which you will not quit and regret.

You can adopt healthy living at any stage of your life, earlier the better.